T128 SimTask Pack

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T128 SimTask Pack is a combination of the T128 racing wheel and SimTask Steering Kit, for a full-featured and immersive experience of simulating driving heavy vehicles and agricultural equipment (trucking and farming). Take advantage of T128's immersive and dynamic Force Feedback and lightweight wheel rim to really feel driving sensations. SimTask Steering Kit is a racing wheel mount that lets you position your T128 flat, ideal for realistic driving of heavy machinery and vehicles.

Equipped with its rotary spinner knob, you'll enjoy enhanced agility and free up your other hand for use of a joystick or shifter. Quickly change position by easily adjusting the tilt and height of your steering wheel. Thanks to its metal construction, SimTask Steering Kit is solidly built and designed to last.

T128 is an officially-licensed racing wheel for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, and is compatible with PC.


Drive your favorite vehicles just like you were in the real thing!

Find the ideal driving position for any vehicle with T128 SimTask Pack. Experience a complete and immersive trucking and farming simulation experience with the combination of the T128 Force Feedback racing wheel, its T2PM pedal set and SimTask Steering Kit.

T128 Simtask Pack


Position your T128 flat


Fun and intuitive driving sensations


For all styles of vehicles and games

 Key points:
  • Farming and trucking simulation pack with T128 racing wheel, T2PM pedal set and SimTask Steering Kit
  • T128 racing wheel with dynamic Force Feedback and magnetic paddle shifters, to really feel driving sensations
  • Modern design and rotation angle of up to 900° — great for all styles of vehicles and games
  • 100% metal attachment system for use with a desk (thickness: min. 0.6" / 15 mm, max. 2.0" / 50 mm), allowing for flat positioning of the racing wheel for realistic and immersive driving of heavy equipment and vehicles
  • Position can be adjusted on three different axes to adjust the racing wheel's height and tilt, and find the ideal steering position
  • Rotary spinner knob included: allows for one-handed driving, and simultaneous use of equipment controls or a shifter with the other hand
  • T128 racing wheel is compatible with PC (Windows 10/11), Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One
T128 Simtask Pack KSP1


T128 SimTask Pack is the ideal combination for farming and trucking simulation. Position your T128 racing wheel flat with the Steering Kit for realistic, immersive driving of heavy machinery and vehicles.

T128 Simtask Pack KSP2


T128 offers HYBRID DRIVE Force Feedback, allowing gamers to really experience the fun and intuitive sensations of driving. Feel the weight of each vehicle, the bumps and impacts, the loss of grip in turns, and the types of road surfaces — directly in the wheel, as if you were really there.

T128 Simtask Pack KSP3


T128 adapts to all driving styles thanks to its 270° to 900° rotation angle and its round, lightweight wheel rim that takes full advantage of all the Force Feedback's power. The T2PM pedal set, alongside the racing wheel's magnetic paddle shifters, engine speed LEDs and 13 action buttons, lets you free yourself from having to use a gamepad.

T128 Simtask Pack KSP4


SimTask Steering Kit features a clamping system for desks between 0.6" / 15 mm and 2.0" / 50 mm thick, allowing T128's tilt and height to be easily adjusted without tools or disassembly. Quickly switch from one position to another — from car racing, to farming simulation, to trucking.

T128 Simtask Pack KSP5


T128 SimTask Pack includes a rotary spinner knob allowing for one-handed driving, for enhanced agility. Free up your other hand for simultaneous use of equipment controls, like a joystick or a shifter.

T128 Simtask Pack KSP6


T128 is compatible with PC (Windows 10/11), Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. For an even more complete experience of driving farming equipment, T128 SimTask Pack is an outstanding complement to SimTask FarmStick.

  • SimTask Steering kit
  • 21.8 cm / 6.3 cm
  • 24.2 cm / 5.3 cm
  • 21 cm / 9.8 cm
  • Weight: 1,891 g / 101 g
  • T128
  • 260 mm
  • 300 mm
  • 280 mm
  • Weight: 4.4 lb / 2.0 kg
  • 1x SimTask Steering Kit (attachment system and spinner knob)
  • 1x T128 XBOX / PC
  • 1x T2PM
  • 1x warranty flyer
  • 1x 48 W power supply + AC cable
  • 1x attachment system + screws
  • 1x USB cable + 1x safety release cable
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