Quick Release Adapter

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Quick Release Adapter, Compatible with T818 Direct Drive Base, New Quick Attachment System for Racing Wheel Rims in the Thrustmaster Ecosystem.


About the product:

T818 ushers in the new fast release wheel attachment system for the Thrustmaster racing wheel ecosystem. With it, there's no need to use any tools!
Equip your Thrustmaster wheel rims with the Quick Release Adapter to make them compatible with the T818 Direct Drive racing wheel base, and swap rims in just 5 seconds.
The Quick Release Adapter is sold separately, allowing gamers to equip each of their Thrustmaster wheel rims with an adapter, and be able to quickly change configurations in-game.

Key points:

  • Add-on allowing for use of racing wheel rims in the Thrustmaster ecosystem with the T818 Direct Drive base
  • No need for tools: install the Quick Release Adapter on your Thrustmaster racing wheel rims and swap rims in a flash on your T818 base
  • New quick attachment system for racing wheel rims: list of compatible rims available on the Thrustmaster support website
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