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Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel

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REALISTIC RACING WHEEL UNDER OFFICIAL LICENSES BY FERRARI AND MICROSOFT XBOX ONE: - Replica of the FERRARI 458 SPIDER steering wheel - Wide and adjustable optimised pedal set


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      Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel
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      • Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel
      • Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel
      • Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel
      • Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel
      • Product Description


        Wheel base featuring the ‘Bungee Cord’ mechanism, offering linear resistance (automatic centering system patented by Thrustmaster)

        • Optimized ‘Bungee Cord’ mechanism: delivers linear resistance, regardless of the rotation angle, ensuring ergonomic and intuitive control
        • Automatic centering
        • 240 degree rotation angle

        Kinect detection LED

        • Built-in controller pairing detection LED  for  Kinect

        Adjustable wheel sensitivity

        • Adjustable wheel sensitivity (4 included presets) ensuring more precise driving in all games

        Wide adjustable pedal set

        • 2 pedals with wide footrest
        • Brake pedal offering progressive resistance
        • Individually adjustable pedals

        7/10 replica of the FERRARI 458 SPIDER racing wheel

        • Realistic: 28 cm diameter racing wheel featuring a rubber-textured grip
        • 2 Up & Down metal paddle shifters
          • 100% metal
          • Pour un pilotage style Ferrari GT
        • Comprehensive driving gear
          • 9 replica action buttons (including View and Menu buttons)
          •   1 Manettino® (2 positions)
          •   1 ENGINE START D-Pad
          •   1 Xbox Guide button
        • 2 red rubber-textured grips, inspired by motor sports ensuring excellent ergonomics and optimum comfort

        Central clamping system

        • Ensures optimum stability on all desks or tables
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        Customer Reviews

        Excellent budget wheel.. can't fault it at all!! Review by Peter
        I bought this wheel as a temporary solution whilst waiting for it’s big brother the TX to come back into stock in the UK. Having got used to a FFB wheel over the last few years I did worry that going back to a non-FFB wheel might be a retrograde step but was keen to get something that I could use to play Project Cars on and couldn’t wait any longer so went for it….

        Boy was I surprised when it arrived and I opened the box. Expecting it to feel like a budget wheel I was amazed at the build quality when I picked it up. It just feels solid and reliable as soon as you touch it. The rubberised grip is excellent, preventing your hands slipping during those tense racing moments and the paddle shifters are just superb. I am using a more expensive FFB wheel on the 360 which has plastic paddles so finding the metal shifters on this wheel was a really nice surprise. They feel solid and give a very nice click when you change the gears so you are never in any doubt whether you have engaged a gear or not. I have had many different wheels from different manufacturers over the years and I can honestly say that these paddles are the best I’ve ever had. I also was amazed to find that there are two extra buttons underneath the paddles that can be used for gear shifting in the event that one or other paddle ever develops a fault. Nice touch 

        The wheel itself has 4 separate sensitivity settings to give you the chance to select something that suits you perfectly. Just pull the gear shift levers and Y and X together to cycle through each of them. Another very impressive feature for any wheel let alone one in this price range.

        The resistance of the wheel from the bungie cord mechanism is really nice and very consistent across the range of the wheels rotation and has a nice automatic return to centre too.

        The locking system does exactly what it is supposed to and in many hours of racing (Project Cars and F1 2015) I have not had it slip once. It’s very quick and easy to attach and unattach it to your table or desk, takes a mater of seconds. Very impressive. My only criticism of the whole package is that the locking lever feels as though you could damage it or the base if you over tighten it but that may be me being over cautious as I’ve never had any problems with it so far.

        From the pictures I had seen I assumed the pedals were going to be quite flimsy and light but I can tell you they are actually very well made and have just about the best resistance I have felt from a pedal set. I love them and they add a great deal to the driving experience. The fact that you can adjust the pedal plates to get a different angle is an added bonus and something I have not had on any other pedal set.

        All in all I have nothing but positive things to say about this wheel and pedal set. It feels as though it will see me through many, many long hours of racing and it has meant I have been able to delay laying out a lot more money on a TX until they drop in price. Great wheel, great pedals, great value… what more could you ask for 
        (Posted on 30/07/2015)