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1. Shipping: which countries does the Thrustmaster Shop ship to?

Please see the list of countries below to which shipping is available, sorted by Shop language:

Thrutmaster Shop UK : England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales.

2. My country isn't included in any of the Shop languages listed above. Can products be shipped to a country that's not on the list?

If your country is not listed, unfortunately it is not possible to ship products to your country. Available countries are subject to change.

3. Products: I can't find a product at the Shop, even though it's listed at

If a product that you're looking for is not in the list of the Shop's product categories, it means that the product is not currently available for purchase at the Shop.

4.Easy payment terms : Can I pay by installments (3 or 5 times) in the Shop?

We are aware of the convenience that this solution provides, but the Shop currently doesn't offer payment by installments.

5.Paypal & Firefox payment issues

Bugs have been reported during the payment process using the Firefox web browser. In the event of payment issues, please try processing your payment using another browser. If the problem remains, please contact our Customer Service team.